Flora & Fauna

‘Experience our dramatic mountains, unpolluted beaches and green countryside’

New Zealand is a unique place to visit, with its isolation providing some amazing geographical sights as well as very unusual flora and fauna. Experience our dramatic mountains, unpolluted beaches and green countryside. Discover the diverse environmental wonder that is New Zealand, from the majestic alpine mountains to the trout filled lakes of the volcanic plateau, or the miles of white sandy beaches which are home to the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.

In recent decades a lot of hard work has been put into ensuring that the native species in danger of extinction are being carefully protected with breeding programmes to ensure their survival. This includes removing introduced pests from island wildlife sanctuaries, the establishment of 13 national parks, three maritime parks, two world heritage areas, hundreds of nature reserves and ecological areas, a network of marine reserves and wetlands, plus protection for special rivers, lakes and many marine reserves. In total, around 30 percent of New Zealand’s land area is protected conservation land, purposefully left intact in its natural state with as little disturbance as possible from predators and humanity.

Research and management programmes have been introduced to aid the recovery of rare and endangered species like kakapo, kokako, kiwi and the only living ancient dinosaur left in the world, the native tuatara. You can learn more about these programmes on the Department of Conservation website.

New Zealand welcomes everyone to experience and discover its unique and precious natural heritage. We would like you to take photos, memories and a healthy respect for nature with you and will appreciate it if you leave nothing but your footprints, ensuring future generations will enjoy New Zealand as much as you will.