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Crafty TROUT Brewerylink

Rebecca Draper-Kidd
+64 7 929 8570
+64 210 2784 543
Groups and Free Independent Travelers

Crafty TROUT Brewery is the world first app-based micro brewery & part of the award winning Smartbrew family with 30 breweries around the globe.
Our Brewery Tour is a personalized all weather option aimed at both educating and entertaining, taking you on a journey through all things related to Craft Beer & the brewing process. Everything is tactile and during the tour you will be seeing, touching, smelling & tasting.
Included in the tour is a 4-beer tasting rack in our Austrian inspired bar above the brewery as well as some tasters from what is in-process during the brewery tour. 14 options on tap to chose from with a majority being Gluten Free.