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Gert Taljaard
029 4252119
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Mandarin, Korean, Tagalog, Hindi

Relax and unwind on the tranquil shores of Lake Rotorua at Polynesian Spa - a world-leading, natural mineral bathing and luxury spa retreat.
Channeling geothermal marvels in its backyard, the 28 mineral pools at Polynesian Spa are fed from two natural springs for a combination that both nourishes the skin and relieves tired muscles, aches and pains.
Specialising in a range of health and wellness treatments, Polynesian Spa has a decadent spa therapy menu. Also a retreat for athletes, wellness rituals ensure maximum sports relaxation featuring hydrotherapy and a reflexology walk.
Combining ancient healing practices with modern techniques, Polynesian Spa is recognised as one of the top 10 spas worldwide.