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Taupo Swing - AJ Hackett Bungy NZlink

Sonya Warne
+64 7 3765682
+64 27 277 8835
Groups and Free Independent Travelers

Experience the fun and thrills of the Taupo Swing – an exhilarating giant swing over the Waikato River. With speeds of up to 70kph, this full-on ride will have you soaring through the air before swooping out across the river. Swing solo – or with a friend, either way it’s something you’ll want to do again, and again, and again……

SAFETY COMES FIRST – ALWAYS. This experience is owned and operated by AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand, we’ve been doing Bungy and other adventurous stuff for 30 years and our crew is the most experienced in the world. Our impeccable safety record puts your safety – and wellbeing – first. That’s why we will NEVER compromise on safety.

Complimentary transport available.