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Activities and Attractions / Taupo

Tongariro Family Floatlink

Garth Oakden or Natasha Johnson
07 386 6409
Groups and Free Independent Travelers
Adventure Activity registered

We’ll whisk you away from town and drive a short distance to the banks of the pristine Lower Tongariro where your adventure begins.

On board your raft, the whole family can pitch in and paddle, or simply sit back and relax while your guide does all the work.

The gentle currents will carry you along with regular areas of small, bouncy splashy rapids – enough to keep you on your toes without scaring your grandma – the kids will love it!

Our awesome highly trained guides are experts at calming any first-time nerves. They’ll keep you entertained and tell you all about the sensational scenery and wildlife you’ll see while you’re floating along.