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Tongariro Whitewater Raftinglink

Garth Oakden or Natasha Johnson
07 386 6409
Groups and Free Independent Travelers
Adventure Activity registered

Unforgettable adventures await as you navigate 60 rapids in a 13km stretch – more rapids in one stretch than anywhere in New Zealand, how cool is that?

The Tongariro River’s grade 3 rapids are perfect for first-time rafters: thrills and spills galore without any extreme drops requiring experience.

Your pulse will be racing and your senses will be overloaded with all sorts of awesome.
When you’re in the moment – just you, your fellow rafters and the thundering water, you’ll truly understand why white water rafting is so so addictive!

We love nothing more than seeing the excitement on your face as you conquer the white water rapids of the Tongariro.