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Exhibitor Setup 29th April – eXplore Show 30th April  
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Oops – Exhibitor Registrations are now closed – please contact your RTO to discuss.

The Event

This is a one-day tourism trade show to be held in Auckland in April 2020, the 9th annual event for the eXplore Central North Island (ECNI) group.  Last year saw over 250 NZ trade buyers registered to attend to visit 100+ operators and 8 RTOs from throughout the Central North Island. 

We expect to be full for 2020 with a cap at 113 exhibitor stands.
We will operate a waiting list. Registration is on a first-in basis so don’t miss out!

The Audience

The event is targeted at the main travel partners – Inbound Operators, Wholesale travel companies, as well as Hotel Concierges, frontline selling staff, and travel industry media.  You can expect over 200 buyers to attend the event during the course of the day ranging from the Product decision makers at Inbound and Wholesale Companies through to frontline staff from i-SITEs, retail travel agencies and inbound/wholesale companies, as well as Tourism NZ staff from the trade and media teams.  We will also invite some key buyers from Australia and the US that we have been working with.

No better opportunity to engage with so many quality buyers and influencers in one place, in one day. 
A targeted and receptive audience!

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eXplore Show 2020

Venue:   Eden Park – North Level 5 Lounge, Auckland
Operator Pack In:Wednesday 29th April 3-5pm
Operator Function:Wednesday 29th April 5.15-7.30pm
Show Time: Thursday 30th April 9am-3pm (Exhibitors-8am brief)
Operator Pack Out:Thursday 30th April 3pm-5pm 


Exhibitor Criteria

1) You must be Trade Ready – that is,  you must be prepared to discuss commissions and rates with inbound and wholesale travel companies.  If you need some more information on what it means to be Trade Ready or some help the process, please contact your local Regional Tourism Organisation who will be happy to help.   See the RTO Contact List at the end of the document. 

Tip: Check out www.tourismexportcouncil.org.nz – Planning for Export Success

2) You will need to allow two days in your schedule for this event for the Pack-in, Operator Networking Function (29th April), Show day, and Pack-out (30th April).

Details of the Event – Thursday April 30th

For exhibitors the event will begin at 8:00am with an Exhibitors Briefing, and doors open officially for buyers at 9:00am – although there are always early arrivals. As buyers arrive they will be met by an ECNI representative to check in. After the event you will be given a full database of attendees to enable you to follow up with them directly.

Each buyer will be offered a bag and an event programme, including the exhibitor list, a layout of the venue, and a small profile on your business.  The venue layout is designed to ensure buyers will by pass all exhibitors. The event finishes at 3pm.

Getting the Buyers There

There will be ‘Buyers’ attending during the day from Inbound and Wholesale Travel companies, Tourism New Zealand, Tourism suppliers and Media.  The eXplore Central North Island group will be marketing this event to buyers through a wide range of publications, direct invitations and mail outs. You can assist by emailing your databases of travel, corporate and event contacts.  The marketing for this show will include:

  • Updates in 8 member RTO newsletters to Trade and MICE databases
  • Advertising in industry publications/communications
  • Inclusion in industry calendars of the event where possible
  • Emailed invitations to buyers throughout NZ
  • Phone follow ups to inbounders where necessary
  • RTOs will meet many IBO teams at a training event just prior to the event, and invite participants.
  • Email reminder the day before the event to all RSVPs

In 2019 we had a small number of Australian Buyers attend by invitation, with our support. They also joined the Operator function on the Monday night. This year we hope to extend that to more key Product Managers from Australia and a couple of US Wholesalers we are working closely with.

Exhibitor Stands

It is recommended that you have two people on your stand to enable you to get the most out of the show, and to ensure there is always someone present on your stand. However, more than 2 is a real squeeze!
Your registration entitles you to 2 delegates.
Additional Show Day Delegates will incur a $60+gst pp fee.  

You need to have a visually appealing stand that is relevant to your product and buyers and you will also want to work hard to engage them as they come around the event.  Competitions, prizes, and ‘talking point’ items work well to achieve this.

In most regions your RTO will work with you to present a united front around signage and furniture – they will be in contact with you directly on that, and it is possible there may be an additional theming fee payable to the RTO for your region.

Serving of Food and Beverages is not always possible due to Health and Safety requirements at the venue. If you wish to serve food and/or beverages including alcohol on your stand please contact us on info@explorecentralnorthislandnz.com prior to the event. We need to make a request well in advance to see if it can be accommodated. 

Please be advised that due to Health and Safety regulations this is a ‘Work Site’, and children under 12 year of age will not be permitted entry during Setup or Packdown.

What Is Provided On Your Stand?

A stand will be set up 1.8m x 1.8m and 2.3m high (same size as TRENZ) with black Velcro receptive walls.  Each stand includes minimum:

  • 1 x small trestle table (725mm x 1200mm x 600mm), and a standard chair**
  • 1 x power connection, 2 x spotlights
  • 1 x Company name sign (as per your eXplore Show registration)
  • 1 x Table cloth (if required by your region)
  • Name tags for your delegates (we will be in touch closer to the time to get details)
  • A list of registered suppliers and buyers emailed prior to the event and full database following.

**If your RTO is not coordinating regional theming, please contact Peek Exhibition directly to upgrade furniture at your own cost.

What To Bring For Your Stand

  • Marketing collateral for each product (brochures, information sheets etc)
  • Ample supply of business cards
  • Company signage/branding and the means to affix – Velcro dots or strips preferred
  • An extension cord if needed
  • Any additional plugged in items other than laptop, TV and cell phone chargers must be tested and tagged at your cost prior to the event.

HD Video Wall Showcase

We have again contracted use of the giant HD Video walls in the venue and these are available for you to showcase your business with a slide show or video on the big screen. There will be no audio played. You will get:

  • 30 seconds screen time on one video wall
  • Your video / presentation on rotation approx. every 30 minutes
  • Minimum of 10 plays during the eXplore Show
  • Cost: $60+gst per 30 seconds

If you have a video or slide show that is longer than 30 seconds, or wish to be profiled on higher rotation, you can purchase multiple 30-second slots at $60+gst.  Content must be supplied to ECNI in March 2020.  This will be invoiced along with additional delegates fees after the event.

NEW for 2020: Registration to the April event also entitles you to one 12-month subscription to the Explore Central North Island Online Product Manual. (April 2020-April 2021). We will be in contact in March to upload your content.

Event Cost and Cancellation

The cost of exhibiting at eXplore Show 2020 is $950+gst. 

You will be invoiced BY YOUR RTO in late February for 20th March Payment.  Your RTO will also invoice you for any regional theming costs which they will confirm with you as a registered exhibitor.

Invoices for the Video Wall and additional delegates will be sent after the event from your RTO.

Cancellation by email to your RTO or ECNI prior to 20th March will not incur any fee. 
Cancellation March 20th – April 10th 2020 will incur a 50% cancellation fee of $475+gst.
Cancellation 11th – 30th April 2020 will incur the full cost of exhibiting.

What’s Included in the Exhibitor Fee?

  • Morning tea and lunch with all-day Barista coffee and tea on show day, for up to 2 delegates.
  • Design, printing and distribution of invitations, event promotion and programmes
  • Operator function on the evening of April the 29th, food and a beverage token will be supplied.
  • Full buyer database post event.
  • One 12-month subscription (April 2020-2021) for your business in the ECNI Online Product Manual.

What’s Not Included in the Exhibitor Fee?

  • Your transportation to Auckland
  • Your accommodation in Auckland for the night before and possibly the night after the show
  • Any meals outside of the show itself
  • Your booth display and collateral
  • Any regional theming costs as outlined by your RTO
  • Additional Delegates (over 2)
  • Video Wall Showcase costs

How Do You Register?

Please complete the online form by clicking on the Registration link below.
It will take you only one minute! 

Exhibitor Registrations close 31 January 2020.

Reminder: We expect to be full for 2020 with a cap at 113 exhibitor stands.
We will operate a waiting list, but registration is on a first-in basis so don’t miss out!


By registering for the eXplore Show 2020, you acknowledge:

  1.  I have read the Exhibitor Prospectus and understand the inclusions and cancellation policies
  2. My RTO will invoice me $950+gst exhibitor fee plus any additional regional theming costs (as indicated by your RTO) for payment due 20th March 2020.
  3. As a seller, my contact details will be shared with the buyers and sellers attending the event
  4. I have the appropriate registrations required under Worksafe NZ to operate my Tourism business.

Any Questions?

Contact Vanessa Payne  – eXplore Show Coordinator  –
T: 021 1653 547     E: info@explorecentralnorthislandnz.com

Or contact your local Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) :

RTO Contacts

Destination Coromandel
Lynette Dey lynette@thecoromandel.com  

Hamilton & Waikato Tourism
Rachael Bish  rachael@waikatonz.com
Tourism Bay of Plenty
Denise Siviter denise@bayofplentynz.com  

Destination Rotorua
Tessa Richardson

Sam Cameron sam@gisbornenz.com  

Destination Great Lake Taupō 
Karen Rainbow karen@lovetaupo.com  
Hawke’s Bay Tourism
Hamish Saxton Hamish@hawkesbaytourism.co.nz 

Visit Ruapehu
Alex Pearce