• Eastland


Eastland, it’s a journey of discovery – Out East.

Throughout history this region has attracted those seeking to discover. Explorers willing to leave the safety of their homes and harbours, to go the extra mile and reap unseen rewards.

The first Maori, great pacific seafarers, in their ocean going waka (canoes) landed and colonised here. Then, hundreds of years later, Captain Cook (on a journey of discovery) first set foot on NZ soil in Turanganui a Kiwa (Gisborne), in October 1769.

State Highway 35 is one of NZ’s great coastal road journeys. Be sure to give yourself enough time and never by shy to say “kia ora!” to the locals. Rewards of unique people, space, freedom and some interesting ‘Coastal oddities’ await those who are keen enough to look around the next corner.

All roads lead to Gisborne – Out East. They lead to quality vineyards, fresh produce, groves of citrus and fields of dancing people, grassroots rugby, coastal communities, marae, smiley faces and quirky boutiques, a slower pace, rural farms and rural folk, magnificent trees, wilderness streams, rivers that turn and meander towards empty waves crashing on isolated beaches.

The coastal city of Gisborne is like a beacon, sitting proudly on the edge of the Poverty Bay flats and the Pacific Ocean, often glistening in the morning sun. Gisborne’s history, location and people make for a great destination to discover.