• Eastland

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The East Coast (Te Tairawhiti) covers an area of 15,500 square kilometres and stretches from just below Gisborne, around the East Cape to Opotiki and inland towards Lake Waikaremoana.

The first Maori, great pacific seafarers, in their ocean going waka landed and colonised here. Then, hundreds of years later, Captain Cook (on a journey of discovery) first set foot on NZ soil in Turanganui a Kiwa (Gisborne), in October 1769.

A journey Out East requires a similar commitment. It’s not the most direct route, but the Pacific Coast Highway, leading to this special place brings rewards of unique people, space, freedom and some interesting ‘Coastal Oddities’ will await those who are keen enough to look around the next corner.

Be sure to give yourself enough time and never be shy to say “kia ora” to the locals, the magic of discovery and warmth of genuine Kiwi-folk will reward.