• Tongariro National Park – Ruapehu
  • Whakapapa – Ruapehu


‘Ruapehu is a place of unimagined and unspoiled beauty. Explore the destinations, sights, activities and comforts of this truly magical place. Mother Nature’s presence is everywhere here…’

The Ruapehu region contains some of New Zealand’s most spectacular natural landscape there are many opportunities to connect with nature, experience its spiritual meaning and feel its magical healing touch.
Take a voyage down the mystical Whanganui River, visit a World Heritage National Park, see the backdrop of the Lord Of The Rings movies and marvel at spectacular beech forests. View Historical buildings and feats of engineering left over from colonial days, including the ‘bridge-to-nowhere’ which springs out of the bush.

Experience lush native forest, lava formations, glaciers, crystal clear rivers, glaciers and crater lakes. See Soft stone that has eroded to form dramatic gorges, rock columns and exquisite waterfalls. See white powdery snow as far as the eye can see, huge faces of ice and rock and a myriad of other unique and stunning landforms.

Spy on the Tui, Kaka, Fantail, bellbird and other native and exotic birds and fowl, which are abundant here.

The scenery you’ll find in the Ruapehu region will delight – not only visually, but every sense. Mother Nature’s presence is everywhere, awakening and igniting the human spirit.