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Taupo Cliffhanger Extreme Swinglink

Sonya Warne
+64 7 3767979
Groups and Free Independent Travelers

Everyone should try the feet-first, mind-blowing rush of the Cliffhanger Extreme Swing. Harnessed and attached, you will be brought out 44 metres above the mighty Waikato River, dangling mid-air, until the countdown or surprise release. Plunging straight down, reach speeds of 70 kp/h as you freefall towards the river, then arc up to 180°. Enjoy the stunning views and catch your breath as you are brought back to the platform via winch.

Solo and tandem swings available. Min. weight per person is 30kgs, Max 150kgs per person or 180kgs combined weight for tandem swings.

For an extra thrill, do the Taupo Bungy-Cliffhanger Extreme Swing Combo, two awesome activities located at one stunning site.