eXplore Operator Session – Buyer Requests

Kia ora – this event is now closed for Buyer Registrations and appointment requests. Until next time!

Kindest regards and keep well – The eXplore Central North Island Team.


Kia ora

Please complete the following form requesting operators/products you would like to meet with from our 8 Central North Island regions. You can download the Seller Guide here which has profiles on each of the operators listed below. You will have a total of 17 scheduled appointments (8 minutes each) over the two-and-a-half-hour event on April 28th (9-11.30am) only with operators that you request. Appointments will be allocated on a ‘first in’ basis, and you can request more than 17 operators below if you wish.

Your colleagues are welcome to join this schedule. However, they should complete a second registration if they want to see different operators.  It could be they look after another sector  (Cruise, FITs, or Groups) or, you need an additional appointment stream for your company to see more than a single schedule allows (a maximum of 17 operators).

Thank you for your interest in the eXplore Show 2022 – Operator Session. We will be in contact with your event login and schedule as per your request closer to the event, and look forward to seeing you there!

The Explore Central North Island Team!

See note above re requesting a second schedule.
You may select more than one option