eXplore Show Exhibitor Registration Form 2017

Yes I will attend the eCNI eXplore Show at Eden Park in Auckland 11th & 12th April 2017 at a cost of $750 + GST.

By registering for the eXplore Show 2017 I acknowledge that I have read the Exhibitor Prospectus and understand the inclusions and cancellation policies, and that my RTO will invoice me for payment 20th March 2017.

I also acknowledge that I have the appropriate registrations required under Worksafe NZ to operate my Tourism business.

Note: this is the text that will be used for your booth signage and Exhibitor Information as given to the Buyers.

Please select which region you will be exhibiting with.

eCNI will be in contact with you for your delegate details closer to the event.

Equipment required

Supplier contacts

If you require different furniture to the standard furniture included in your exhibitor cost, or require extra furniture or equipment ie TV screens please contact Fleur at Peek Display fleur.p@peek.co.nz. Please note using different or extra furniture or equipment will be at an additional cost directly between you and Peek Display.

If you would like artwork designed and produced for your booth please contact Iley at i-Design iley@i-design.co.nz. Please note this will be at your own cost and invoiced directly.

Set Up 11 April 2017