eXplore Show Exhibitor Registration Form 2019

Yes, I wish to register and exhibit at the ECNI eXplore Show 2019 at Eden Park in Auckland.

By registering for the eXplore Show 2019 I acknowledge that:

1) I have read the Exhibitor Prospectus and understand the inclusions and cancellation policies (Link Here)
2) my RTO will invoice me $850+gst exhibitor fee plus any additional regional theming costs (as indicated by your RTO) for payment due 20th March 2019
3) as a seller, my contact details will be shared with the buyers and sellers attending the event
4) I have the appropriate registrations required under Worksafe NZ to operate my Tourism business.

Please select which region you will be exhibiting with.

eCNI will be in contact with you for your delegate details and product profile closer to the event.