The Big Shout

The Big Shout – Gift a Prize


Thanks for offering to gift a prize to make ‘The Big Shout’ a bigger and better incentive for our buyers to attend the eXplore Show.  We want to put 12 AWESOME ‘Shout Packs’ together so the more we can offer in the packs the larger the noise – you too can publicise the winners of the packs and what you have offered through your social media every month!  First one of 12 packs to be given away will be drawn at the show on the 12th at 2pm.


Please can you offer minimum 2 passes to your product and/or anything else that will make a great addition to a prize pack –eg local delicacies, wine or honey, or any merchandise.  Also if you want us to gift from you more than once through the year (Ie you could gift me one prize or up to 12) – please don’t be shy.


Please help and lets make it  truly ‘BIG Shout’ and incentivise as many agents as we can to attend by making this a ‘Must Not Miss’ offer!


You will receive a confirmation email regarding your offering.


Many thanks!

Vanessa  Payne

021 1653 547


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